We are among the best Tennis academies in Kenya. Rova High-Performance Sports Academy strives in mastering the art of giving and delivering the best players. Our training is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each student targeting key aspects of player development, addressing not only the physical elements of training but delving deeper to facilitate the growth of the student-athlete on all levels.

Our sports programme is designed to promote, enhance, and nurture sporting excellence while producing well-rounded student-athletes. We strongly believe that the difference in sports performance is determined by what you do and how many hours you spent in training and this is where hard work beats talent. Get started with the best Tennis Academy in Kenya

As the best Tennis academy in Kenya, we have made it our work to nurture our tennis players to be professionals. This is through exposure, and involving our players in as many tennis tournaments as possible. 

We are building one of the best tennis academies in Kenya to ensure that the untapped talents have a platform to expose what they can offer best in professional Tennis. 

We believe Quality is what makes us the best of the rest. Rova is a great place for kids to come learn Tennis and become not only professionals but discipline players around the world. 

Our Coach Karanja, believes that, Tennis game has become even more popular in the last few decades with the emergence of many high profile players, both male and female. “Tennis is a fine balance between determination and tiredness.” 

Tennis Academy in Kenya- Rova Sports academy
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