We are the best Swimming academy in Kenya offering the best swimming activities. Hence priding ourselves to be the best because we are a data-driven academy.

Our high-profile instructors have the best experience in training.

Swimming is well known in the world and our main aim is to reach a high level, thus being a high-performance sports academy in Kenya.

We believe every child/kid has rights to sporting activities.

We aim to provide a learning environment that is both friendly and safe that will enable our clients to achieve their full potential. Our lessons are therefore one on one individual lessons because we aim to give personalized attention. 

Swimming at Rova Sports Academy

We have an outdoor pool that allows swimming lessons to children in a quiet, serene, private, safe, and secure environment.

We offer top-quality coaching and the best utilities to enhance the swimming activities. We hope to produce high discipline swimmers all over the world. We want to ensure the development of all-rounded young swimmers professionals with the ability to keep the swimming game more vibrant than ever before.

In order to achieve this, our objective and goals are to produce the best talents to professional league clubs within and abroad with young players, the Academy endeavors to develop an academy that accommodates categories starting from 4 – 18 years.

One of the benefits of swimming as a sport is that Swimming is a great total body workout! When you swim, you engage almost every major muscle group requiring you to use your arms, legs, core, and focus on balancing.

Our Schedule is on daily basis but one can decide to do a weekend session that best suits your time.


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