As a high performance sports academy, sports performance takes center stage at Rova Sports. At Rova Sports we assess performance in our sportto develop an understanding of actions that can inform decision making, optimize performance and support coaches and players in their journey towards optimal results. This analysis consists of tactical assessment, movement analysis, video and statistical data basing and modeling and coach and player data presentations. We strive to have a good partnership between coaching staff, players and analysts that will develop our athletes to their full potential and make a coach become a better coach through structured training sessions and more informed decision-making.

Our sports programme is designed to promote, enhance, and nurture sporting excellence while producing well-rounded student-athletes. We strongly believe that the difference in sports performance is determined by what you do and how many hours you spent in training and this is where hard work beats talent.

We offer athletics (track and field), football (soccer), rugby, swimming, and tennis in an environment that caters to both fun and high performance. The training schedules are customized for different ages (3 years to 18 years) for beginner to advanced level.

Rova Sports Performance Department Traits & Skill: 

Knowledge of the sports on offer

  • Building relationships with coaches
  • Effectively reacting to feedback
  • Data consciousness
  • Presenting analysis reports
  • Analytical hard skills 
Rova Sports – bigger, better faster! 

Our Philosophy

To provide a coaching, conditioning and education program to improve performance of elite student athletes to their optimum

Our Mission

To bring out the full potential of our student-athletes.

Our Core Values

Professionalism – We are qualified, skilled, and committed.

Respect – We treat others the way we wish to be treated.

Integrity – We act in a fair, consistent, and transparent manner.

Dedication – We are driven by commitment.

Excellence –We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards.

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