Beyond the Kick

Rova High-Performance Sports Academy is one of the best leading football academies, based in Nairobi Kenya. We have established and developed the best football academy that provides comprehensive and professional training.

The academy targets children between the ages of 4 to 18 years and provides different football pathways to excellence based on their abilities and preferences, this is done through weekly training sessions ( Interval training, Small-Sided Game,  Game simulations, Football specific circuits, Repeated sprint and Speed and agility), more so they are exposed to tournaments, international camps and residential camps in partnership with international football academies.

soccer trainings

Coach Benson’s philosophy is based on quick-passing, technical ability, and possession-based football. Our aim has always been to embed the correct world-class techniques right from the outset, encouraging young footballers to play and develop naturally.  Hence being the Best Football Academy in Kenya.

We pride ourselves in developing young players with great touch on the ball, the ability to move the ball in and out of space, and finally be decisive and quick when defending. In order for a player to gain the intelligence needed to become a great player, they must master the skill with the ball. We are the best soccer academy in Kenya.

Our program is designed to promote, enhance and nurture sporting excellence while producing well-rounded students.  We strongly believe that the difference in sports performance is determined by what you do and how many hours you spent in training and this is where hard work beats talent.

We are accredited and affiliated with Athletics Kenya, Kenya Rugby Union, and Tennis Kenya. We are also guided by the Kenya Academy of Sports, Sports Kenya, and Ministry of Sports, Culture, and the Arts.

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