Rova Sports Academy

Rova Sports provides an opportunity for students who wish to combine the unique talent and the content offered at school. It also focuses on having a positive impact on both the intellectual and physical development of our students.

Our curriculum is an accredited online school for grades k-12. It offers a portfolio of broad and diverse educational opportunities. The platform allows students to learn and interact with their online tutors in different subjects depending on their grade and interest.

Why Us

In the curriculum Students get a chance to monitor their daily and weekly progress as they go on with their daily studies. In case of poor performance, it allows the students to take credit exams to boost their grades. There is also a reliable communication between the onsite teacher, parents, students and the online instructors. The feedback is always on time.

Furthermore the online videos provided by the curriculum, it also provides access to online manuals that guides the students in their lessons and even during their exams. Through it, both the teachers and the parents have an opportunity of adjusting the weekly academic goals for their students depending on their ability and availability.  This means that all types of learners can comfortably be accommodated by the curriculum.

Boarding and Academic enables students to play sports almost all round while they keep practicing for their favorite sport.

Gives them a sense of belonging and encourage them to support one another.

Students can talk about a game as a group, practice together even during their free time and motivate one another.

It provides more training opportunities, experience and accessibility easy.