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In partnership with the Olympique Lyonnais our academy will be hosting a scouting session from 5th to 11th January 2022. The interested parties will get a chance to undergo scouting training from Olympique Lyonnais professionals and ultimately get a chance to join Rova – OL elite football program in Nairobi if successful. We are scouting the age groups of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 both girls and boys.

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Since 2019, Rova SA allows student-athletes to combine their education with high-level sports training from professional coaches driven by the vision to bring out the full potential of their student athletes.

Through its high-performance program, Rova SA has been developing its model for more than 2 years towards fundamental values such as:

Since 2010, Olympique Lyonnais has chosen to establish its international development strategy on the recognized know-how of its Academy and the success of its professional teams. Ranked 3rd best academy in Europe in 2021 (behind Real Madrid and FC Barcelona), OL has built up, over the long term real technical collaborations aimed at sharing its expertise and adapting the Lyonnaise’s methodology to the context and the project of targeted local clubs.

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